This blog is a critique of current attitudes towards children and parenting. Referencing scientific and psychological research, it aims to challenge the current system whilst informing, educating and empowering parents to parent consciously and innately. 

Throughout my blog you will find several links to scientific studies and articles that I have found to be useful and informative. I really hope you enjoy reading it and find the information useful. 

am not writing this blog to judge, shame or criticise parents. We all want to do the best we can do for our children; and to equally feel seen, heard, valued, loved and part of a community/tribe. I strongly believe that everyone deserves and needs that love and support, and it all starts with children. It is therefore more vital than ever for us as parents to have an open and honest dialogue, and to question everything (instead of allowing our own wounds, limiting beliefs and egos to get in our way).



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