I provide a safe, loving, non-judgemental and confidential space for clients all over the world. I offer guidance and tools to parents who wish to raise their children in a conscious way. I empower and support parents on their journey to heal their own childhood wounds/traumas, break the cycles and align with their instincts.

I offer both one-off coaching sessions for support with specific challenges (1 hour Zoom call as and when), or a 3 month program (tailored to each client’s individual needs/wants).

Both options include support with any or all of the following:

– Childhood wounds/traumas.
– Emotional support, information and advice during pregnancy/post-birth.
– Postnatal Depression/Anxiety.
– Breastfeeding (I am a trained Breastfeeding Supporter).
– Attachment/Gentle Parenting.
– Co-sleeping, baby wearing, weaning, toxic/safe products, etc.
– Toddlerhood, developmental stages and any challenges.
– Self-love and how to practice self-care as a new mother (and dealing with any guilt/shame).
– Changes in the family dynamic and how to maintain a positive and healthy relationship with your partner.
– Finding your village and connecting with other conscious parents.
– Trusting your motherly instincts, recognising the harmful advice and myths, setting boundaries with others and their expectations/unwanted advice.

My programs consists of:
– 1 hour weekly Zoom calls.
– Weekly online assignments.
– Daily contact and accountability.
– Unlimited access to resources and material

I offer a FREE consultation/discovery call via Zoom (book below), which is an opportunity to ask me questions, and for us both to see if we are the right fit for each other.

Alternatively you can contact me at for more information.